Ongoing Programs

Following is a list of programs that can be tailored to your specific group. Contact the program leader and they will work with you on creating a program for your group

“from the Reel to the Real” Series

Fee and Date: Negotiable
Presenter: Sister Joan Burger, CSJ

If you like movies and would like to view one in light of the Gospel message, this series will appeal to you. Sister Joan Burger offers this experience as a retreat for a half or whole day for a variety of groups. Time and place is flexible with a minimum of 3. hours required. You may request a specific film or choose from the following listing.

Nell - transforming lives
The Ultimate Gift - friendship, values, transformation
The Secret Life of Bees - search for truth, love friendship
Mother Teresa - service to others, compassion
A Man for All Seasons (Thomas More) - following one’s conscience
Spitfire Grill - choices, second chances, judging others
Regarding Henry - total conversion
To Kill a Mockingbird - prejudice, confronting ignorance, justice
The Mission - power, beauty, injustice, forgiveness
Up - Fulfilling dreams, adventure, choices
August Rush - hope, a heart filled with music


From Fairy Tales to Life Tales

Fee and Date Negotiable
Presenters: Sister Joan Burger CSJ; Nell Kaba, CSJA

This day of prayer will give women the opportunity to look at the symbolic girls and women of fairy tales and to use those figures for inner exploration.

Nell Koba is an Associate of the Congregation of St. Joseph and the Operations Manager for the Magnificat Center. Sr. Joan Marie Burger, CSJ is a staff member of the Magnificat Center.


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